Informatii usi vitrate

REI or EI fire-rated glazed panels are submitted to rigorous quality controls during every stage of the production process. Minor optical imperfections or tiny air bubbles may be present due to the particular manufacturing process of the fire-rated glass. This does not compromise the fire resistance of the glass and does not constitute grounds for claims.
In order to guarantee the integrity of the glazing for purpose of handling, transport and installation, the fixed elements, in cases indicated by the manufacturer, will be built with more than one window panel.
The glasses for the fixed elements of the glazed doors are delivered not assembled. Please contact the responsible commercial department should any tears in the perimetral protection tape be detected during handling, storage or installation.
The REI or EI fire-rated glazed panes need to be stored in vertical position, as reported in the “Handling and storage instructions“. Deformations, which may be irreversible, till breaking point of the layers, could arise in case of missed observance of these instructions.
Panes of fire-rated glass should never be leaned upon their corners, otherwise there is a risk of layers breaking.
Fire-rated panes may be handled using glazier’s suction pads.

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