Informatii Instalare


Ninz products are typically used for internal compartmentalization and have been designed for this purpose. For this reason they must be stored and installed sheltered from direct contact of atmospheric agents and sunlight.
In cases where a product is installed for external use, in order to avoid deteriorations over time, it is mandatory to take some precautions, in particular:
— select a painting suitable for exterior use
— select fire-rated glass suitable for exterior use
— provide canopies or roofing above installed products.
Only in this way it is possible to avoid any water seeping inside the goods and/or any warping of metal parts, especially in case of darker colours.
For products that incorporate REI or EI fire-rated glass, regardless of whether they are suitable for exterior use, it is further necessary to consider that:
— fire-rated glass remains stable in the range of temperature between -40°C and +50°C; exceeding this limits, the fire resistant interlayer of the glass reacts and begins to become opaque over the whole surface. Therefore it is necessary to avoid the installation near any heat source greater than 50°C and/or any lighting that may generate UV radiation
— exposure to high level of humidity may cause seeps inside of the layers, thus generating a dissolution of the interlayer. Therefore it is necessary to avoid the installation in areas with high level of humidity.
It is not advisable to use the anti-panic bars EXUS LA or SLASH ALU for marine environments or in particularly humid areas. For these situations the use of the anti-panic bars EXUS LX or SLASH S.S. is recommended.
All products must be installed onto supporting walls which are perfectly vertical, well aligned and onto levelled flooring.
In order to not hinder the self-closing of fire-rated doors it is moreover important that the installation area is not subject to strong air currents.
For the automatic closing of doors exposed to strong winds, the use of a door closer with a higher closing force is recommended.
The installation can be considered conform only with prior verification that the walls are in good conditions. Related to the weight of the products, it is moreover necessary to consider preventively:
— to verify the resistance, the load bearing capacity and the fastening suitability of the walls, divisions, structures and/or crossbeams related to the installation
— that the end-user may face difficulties operating the doors, especially people with reduced mobility (disabled, seniors, in poor health, etc.). It is important to take this factor into consideration, therefore while planning the use of products and/or to always hold the leaves open by means of electromagnets.
The protrusion of accessories (for ex. handles, door closers, etc.), in case of interference with walls or other compartmentalizations, could compromise the opening of the leaf and/or create damages. In order to avoid that, buyers shall provide appropriate indents in the walls and in any case the installation of appropriate door stoppers.


Installation of every Ninz product must be performed by specialized technicians only, using all supplied and described components, strictly in accordance with the installation, use and maintenance handbook or with the installation instructions supplied by Ninz with the products.
Any installation modifications allowed for door and/or accessories are only those that are indicated in the installation, use and maintenance handbook, which contain also the list of elements that have been tested and approved for use.
For the maintenance and/or repair of the Ninz products use original spare parts only which are listed in the installation instructions and also in price list.
The above mentioned notices are of basic importance to provide a high level of safety for human and for goods and in compliance with relevant norms.

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